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Forum Rules

Post by Winston » Wed May 25, 2016 1:57 am

The Group - Forum Rules

Above all please remember the staff run The Group for fun not profit. We pay the hosting bills, we put our time into making sure everything runs smoothly and we don't get a penny for our troubles. Being a member here is a privilege not a right.

The aim of this forum is to have frank and honest discussions about important topics. That is not a license to get nasty or personal. If you focus your responses on the points raised, rather than the person raising them, you'll probably be fine.

  1. Please use English only in your forum posts.
  2. The Group is not a file sharing forum. Do not post files, download links or torrents.
  3. Do not use the forum for advertising of any kind.
  4. Discussions of unlawful activities or other topics which would result in prosecutions are prohibited. (Most countries outlaw the same kinds of things)
  5. Discussions are expected to be lively but should not become insulting, abusive or threatening. Attack the post, not the poster.
  6. Do not post explicit material on this forum. It would be a breach of the server's TOS. Please use other sites for such posts.
  7. If you disregard/violate the rules we may delete offending posts or threads, issue a warning, suspend your account or in extremis ban you from the boards.
  8. We reserve the right to change these rules as needed. We'll do our best to keep you informed but it's your responsibility to check the rules periodically.
  9. Always treat the staff with respect.

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