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Re: Political Cartoons Memes GIFs

Postby Winston » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:08 am



"When you loved someone, you loved him,
and when you had nothing else to give,
you still gave him love."

George Orwell 1984

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Re: Political Cartoons Memes GIFs

Postby dargelos » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:12 pm

Mickey Spillane is Mike Hammer.
No credible writer has said that Mr Trump is Mr Hitler.
Adolph was driven by ideology, he had no desire for money.
Donald is a materialist, he desires money obsessively.
Adolph was a patriot, even if it was a hideously peverted patriotism.
Donald is no patriot, he puts himself before his country.
It took Adolph years to kill millions of people.
Donald will be able to do the same thing in a few minutes.

Who is defending Israel?. The United States has always been their truest friend and will always be so. A true friend tells you the truth when you are wrong. A fair weather friend just tells you anything you want to hear. That's Donald's style, all empty words. What has he actualy done to help Israel, nothing.
John Kerry has worked himself into the ground to help the country. Real work, not just sending tweets. Notice I said the country, not Bibi, who's main concern at the moment is avoiding going to jail. The comitment of the States is to protect the people not necessarily their dishonest politicians. That commitment will remain. What will change will be the deliberate employment of racism. If there's any country in the world which knows how dangerous that can be, it's Israel.

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